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The world's largest video network has plenty of opportunities for promoting your music. Whether you use pre-roll advertisements across the network or link from in-line annotations in your own videos, YouTube is a great place to lead primed fans into your purchase funnel.

When using annotations on YouTube videos, you can link to either other vidoes on the site, or to pre-approved external partners. Linkfire is one of these partners, so you can take fans directly to your music through our smart links.

What are YouTube cards?

You may have noticed some videos on YouTube with a circled "i" symbol in the top right corner. Clicking these will display a sidebar inside the video with any cards that the uploader has added. These will have an image and some accompanying text, often prompting you to check out another video or visit a website.

What are YouTube annotations?

When watching a video on YouTube, you may have noticed that some of them have semi-transparent overlays containing text. These are great for pointing something out to the viewer, but they are often also links. For example, when uploading a music video, you may want to prompt the viewer to purchase the track at the beginning and end of the video.

How to create YouTube cards

To add an annotation to a video you have uploaded, first navigate to the My Videos page on YouTube. From here, find the video you want to edit and select "Edit".

From here, select the "Cards" tab.

Here you can add one or more cards to your video. Click "Add card" and select the "Link" option to take users to your Linkfire link.

Now paste your link in the input field and make any customizations or adjustments as prompted. Finish by the selecting "Create card". All done!

How to create YouTube annotations

As for Cards described above, first navigate to the My Videos page on YouTube, and then select to "Edit" the video you want to add an annotation to. Then select the "Annotations" tab.

You will now be able to edit or add annotations to this video. Click "Add annotations" to choose the type of annotation you want to add; this will mostly determine the appearance of the overlay. This is something you will probably want to experiment with for your videos.

Next, input the text that should be inside the overlay. Pick something that prompts the viewer to take an action, such as "Buy Now", "Listen Here" or "Get Tickets".

At the bottom of the interface, you will notice a checkbox titled "Link". Check this box and a dropdown will appear, where you can select which type of link you want to use. Select "Merch" if you want to link to your Linkfire link. Now simply input the destination. As you type, YouTube will let you know whether or not the destination is approved.

Note that links containing are pre-approved by YouTube. As such, you will need to use a subdomain to and not an entirely custom domain. This applies to both cards and annotations.


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