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Does Linkfire Only Work With Music Links?

No! Linkfire is for everyone - an omni-tool that can serve as your favorite URL shortener with great link customization, redirecting and device targeting options. With Linkfire, you can create tracking links ready to be posted on social networks, newsletters, blogs, pay-per-click links, mobile apps, or whichever media source you’d prefer to measure and convert from.

You can use Linkfire to consolidate your marketing efforts and data by using Linkfire across all your content from links directly to events, RSVPs, merchandise or webshops. Linking to single destinations through Linkfire lets you harness our powerful analytics tools to monitor your marketing efforts, and also lets you collect remarketing data for anyone clicking your links. Additionally, you can use our conditional destinations to take different users to different destinations, depending on criteria such as where they're located and what device they're using.

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