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Linkfire Custom Audiences

Custom Audience Parameters

Build and target custom audiences based on your collected data from your Linkfire links. When Linkfire sends and matches data in Facebook, we send along custom parameters that let you create detailed audience group. 



URL(link), Board and Organisation 

Amplifire allows you to build audiences on three levels where access to data is defined and inherited from permissions in Linkfire. In the audience builder you can select between the following levels:

  • URL / Linkfire link
  • Board
  • Organization 

If you don't select either board(s) or link(s), Amplifire will automatically build an audience across your entire organization.



Example 1: All visits across your Organisation 



Example 2: All visits within your selected Board



Example 3: All visits on your selected Link




Amplifire allows you to build and target audiences based on behavior from your Linkfire Links. Here you can select the following actions:

  • Visitors
  • Service Click-Throughs
  • Player Engagements
  • Bounced Sessions


Trackable actions from Linkfire links



Select one or multiple artists to target audiences for either retargeting purposes, create lookalikes and reach, or to create clustered audiences from similar artists. 


Music Services

This event is triggered when the user clicks on a service on a Linkfire landing page or from direct to service links. Look up and select one or multiple music services and target users who prefer to consume your content on a specific platform.


Example 1: All users who clicked through to Google play or Spotify or iTunes


Example 2: All users who visited selected artist(s) links and clicked to Spotify



Provided you have defined channels when your link in Linkfire, you can audiences by including or excluding one or several of channels from your media mix.


Example 1: Users who clicked on a Linkfire link from Instagram or Facebook



Example 2: Users who clicked on a Linkfire link from Instagram but NOT from Facebook


Build audiences by selecting one or several of our predefined genre categories:

  • Pop
  • Electronic
  • Alternative
  • Rock
  • Hiphop/rap
  • Jazz & Blues
  • Country
  • Classical
  • Reggae
  • Soundtrack
  • Latin


Example 1: All users within the US who visited a link with the genre “HipHop/Rap”



Example 2: All users from a link containing Rock or Pop


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