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Create new ad

The flow is divided into three easy steps:

  1. Choose Objective
  2. Select landing page / URL
  3. Ad setup

Choose Objective

Select the objective and what you want to achieve with your campaign. You can select the following:

  • Awareness: Reach people more likely to recall your ads and increase awareness
  • Reach: Show your ad to the maximum number of people in your audience
  • Video Views: Promote videos to raise awareness about the artist
  • Traffic: Increase the number of visits to your link or website
  • Conversions: Optimize for specific events using your Facebook pixel

Select landing page / URL

Select landing page /destination URL. This can be a LF landing page or any other URL. 


Ad setup


The Activation tool will automatically scan the link and provide you with ad copy based on landing page meta data. 


In the audience sections you can choose between the following:

  1. Select a custom audience (build in the audience builder)
  2. Target users based on interests (Facebook core data)


Select your budget (daily or lifetime spend) and select time and dates.

You are now ready to publish campaign (which will also be in your selected Facebook ad account).


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