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How to setup your Amplifire account

Synchronized with Facebook

Amplifire synchronizes in real-time with Facebook. So all campaign-related activities are being automatically pushed to your Facebook Business Manager, where you are in control of all your assets (such as ad accounts, audiences, etc.) and payment details when advertising on Facebook. You won't get charged anything for using Amplifire but you have to pay for advertising on Facebook (like everyone else).

So it's a requirement that you have a Facebook business manager for your ad account and page (free and setup takes a few minutes) - click here to get started

Ready to activate your Amplifire account?

Click the link in the Amplifire invitation email


Log into Amplifire with your existing Linkfire Suite credentials


Connect with Facebook and import your page(s) and ad account(s).


Allow Facebook access to the following below. We do ONLY ask for advertising related permissions - nothing else.


Import your page(s) and ad account(s). You can at any time import or remove pages and ad accounts in the management settings. Now you're now ready to roll!



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