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Facebook Ads: Create a custom conversion

This article will guide you through how to set up custom conversions to optimize your Facebook advertising and improve your click-through rates. Rather than targeting the people that click on to your landing page, why not target the people who click through to the music services? This is where Facebook’s custom conversions come in. To set up a custom conversion, make sure you’ve first set up your retargeting pixel with Linkfire. If you haven’t yet follow the guide below.

 Facebook Pixel Instructions

Once you've done so, Facebook will receive custom parameters from Linkfire that you can use to create your custom conversions.


How to create a custom conversion

Log in to your Facebook Events Manager and head to the section “Custom Conversions” and click on “Create Custom Conversion”. (NOTE: If this is your first time creating a custom conversion with Linkfire, you will first need to define a new active custom conversion event).


In the following setup, select LF as the website event in the dropdown pictured below, so you can fully utilize Linkfire's custom parameters.


Add rules to refine your custom conversion and choose “Event parameters” to select between Linkfire's custom parameters to customize your audience in detail. Find a full list of Linkfire’s custom parameters here.

For example, if you want to target everyone who clicked through to a music service from your landing page, choose the Event Parameter “action” => “contains” => “service” as shown below.



Use your custom conversion in your Facebook ads

When you’ve created a custom conversion it’s time to start using it in your Facebook ads to optimize on URL traffic and conversions to music services. When creating a Facebook ad you can target it towards your new custom conversion.  In order to do so, start by selecting “Conversion” as your objective.

Next, under “Ad set”, you can select the custom conversion for either website, App, or Messenger depending on where you’re running your add.


Once you’ve added your custom conversion, continue setting up your ad with audience, placement, budget, and schedule as for any other ad. Learn more via Facebook here.

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