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Facebook and Instagram Link Guidelines

In the past months, we’ve seen some cases of Linkfire links being rejected (or “not allowed”) by Facebook or Instagram. We’re closely monitoring these cases as this obviously should not be happening, and are actively working together with Facebook to find a solution. 

In the meantime, we’ve collected some guidelines and identified variable workarounds which might help you to fix the issue yourself.

  1. Make sure that your links, ads, and landing pages follow Facebook’s Community Standards. You should avoid including violent or graphic content; cruel or insensitive speech, nudity or sexual content. We also recommend against text that could be mistaken for spam—such as the excessive use of CAPS or exclamation points.
  2. Try adding a Linkfire Channel like "IG" or “FB” after your link shortcode, like this example: Yes, we know it sounds odd but we’ve actually seen it work.

  3. Alternatively: Try changing the shortcode of your link. For example if is rejected, try changing the shortcode to something else => If the new link is not rejected when shared remember to update it everywhere is already shared.

  4. Report it;
    • Hit “Tell us” in the rejection pop-up message to report it to Facebook/Instagram
    • Reach out to your Facebook/Instagram contact person (if you have one), tell them about the issue, and ask if they can also help to look into a fix.
    • Report your incident to us here Please include the rejected link, a screenshot of the rejection message, and a link to the affected Facebook or Instagram profile. We report all issues to Facebook.



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