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Creating Podcast Links

Most links created with Linkfire allow fans to select their preferred service for listening to music, via a landing page. However, you can also use Linkfire for podcasts and create landing pages that will take your fans to their podcast service of choice, while closely tracking their behavior every step of the way.

To create a podcast link, start by choosing the link type “Release”.



Next, paste your podcast URL (preferably from either Spotify, iTunes or Soundcloud) to capture any available metadata. From there, you’ll be redirected to begin setting up your link. This is where you can add/change the artwork and title, add tags and customize the subdomain and shortcode.

After clicking “Create link” you’ll be re-directed to your link feed, where you’ll find the newly created podcast link and a notification that reads “NO MATCHES FOUND”. This means that any service you wish to include has to be added manually.

Note: Our scanner is currently not geared to scan podcast links as it does music links. Thus, podcast links won’t yield any matches, meaning you have to add all services manually.

To manually add a link click “Edit link” and head to the section called 'Service destinations'. At the top right click the “+ Add service” icon. Type in the name of the new service you’re looking to add to your landing page and click to select it.


Find the newly added service in your list of destinations and click the drop-down to add the direct link to your show on that service - like shown in the image below.


Repeat this with any other podcast service you wish to add to your landing page.

The rest of the process remains the same as a release link. You can further customize the landing page, change the order of services and update the social cards, as needed

When you're finished, click "Publish" in the top right corner of your screen.


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