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Discover the new Linkfire

Welcome to the new Linkfire. Designed to be faster, more scalable, and tailored to your needs. We've added and improved a bunch of features, and there's even more to come.


  • The links created in the new Linkfire will not be available in the previous version.
  • For a short period of time, while both versions of the Linkfire platform exist, the new Linkfire will redirect you to the old system when you access links or board settings that were not defined in the new system.
  • Bookmark path to the new Linkfire:
  • Bookmark path to the previous Linkfire: 

Check out the comparison chart below to get a quick overview of the new updates and features, and read on for more details.



New Link Types 

  • Pre-release links (Premium feature)
    Create links and landing pages prior to a release to drive engagement, gain new followers, and increase streams. Learn more
  • Tour promotion links
    Promote tours and ticket sales with automated links and landing pages for tour dates with our new Bandsintown integration. Only input the artist name and we'll automatically find information about all the tours. Increase ticket sales and retain the familiar Linkfire insights
    tracking the fan behavior every step of the way.
  • Podcast links
    Similar to a release link you can set up a podcast link with a landing page linking to several popular podcast services. Learn more
  • A full overview of different link types 

More Data

  • Apple Music streaming insights
    See what happens after fans click through to Apple Music. Discover which of your links, channels, and activities are actually driving streams, and where those streams are coming from. Learn more
  • Pandora conversion data (US only)
    Our exclusive data partnership with Pandora allows you to access streaming conversion data from Pandora directly in your Linkfire insights. Learn more
  • Other integrations
    We’ve partnered with Boomplay Music and Aghami to give you streaming insights from two of the world’s fastest-growing music markets - Africa and the Middle East. Leading merchandise service Merchbar is among our other new integrations, and includes automated search and sales data. Learn more about the Merchbar partnership 


New Capabilities

  • Duplicate link
    Create a new link that duplicates the settings from an existing link. You can use that in case you want to create handy templates, for example.
     Learn more
  • Deep linking to tracks in Spotify Playlists
    It is now possible to scan Spotify links (note! only available for certain Spotify curated playlists) that are deep linking to a specific track on a Spotify playlist. As a result, your visitors will be taken straight to the song you want to promote within a playlist when clicking through to Spotify from your landing page.
  • SnapChat pixel integration (Premium feature)
    With Linkfire’s Snapchat Pixel integration you can create audiences for retargeting and measure and optimize your Snap ad performance. Learn more

Improved Features

  • Updated widget 
    Embed a widget on your website with an audio preview of your landing page. Learn more
  • Revamped conditional redirects (Premium feature)
    Personalize link behavior and redirect visitors to alternative destinations. Learn more
  • Improved search options
    Your link feed search is much faster and we’ve added several new search parameters so you can search on Title, Artists, Tags, Link type, Domain, or Shortcode.

In Development

  • Sharing Link Insights




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