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Does HTTPS work with custom domains?

Note: the custom domain management is a feature reserved for Personal Pro and Business plan users.  There is an additional charge to enable SSL enabled endpoints for custom domains.


Yes it does! You can now add SSL protection to your custom domain, and it requires a few changes for the both of us.  

To do so, contact your account manager (Business and Premium users) or (Pro and Essential users) to request HTTPS on your custom domain first.

They will open a request with our infrastructure teams who will take the proper steps to set this up.  Once the request has been submitted, your account manager will return a short list of nameservers which you will need to point your domain(s) at. 

For example (do not use these, they are not real examples):

Pointing to these names server allows custom domains to be resolvable by anyone around the world and redirect them to our closest servers.

That will ensure the best loading times for your links, with HTTPS protections!

After you have done this, notify your account manager or support that you have completed updating your DNS, and we'll take care of the rest.  Requests may take up to 24 hours to complete once your DNS changes have been completed and you have notified your account manager or support.

Keep in mind that if you point your domain(s) at our name servers, they will not work with any other services. Make sure the domain is not being used for anything other than Linkfire links.

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