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Link shortcuts

There are many shortcuts that can save you time when you’re navigating your boards and editing your links. These shortcuts can be applied by simply adding them at the end of your Linkfire links.


List of shortcuts:

  • /board Takes you to the board where the link was created.
  • /edit Takes you to the edit panel of your link.
  • /insights Takes you to the insights panel of your link.
  • /lang/ISO code Lets you see how your landing page looks in different territories—just add the country code of your choice. Please use ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes, they can be found here
  • /widget Shows you the embeddable widget created for your links.
  • /streamingserviceName eg. /applemusic or /spotify will create a direct-to-service link


Functional URL parameters

Add URL parameters to the end of your links to change how your landing pages are displayed to fans. These are audience-facing parameters, and different from the shortcuts which are just for Linkfire users to use in-platform.


  • ?autoredirect=false Disables the auto-redirect, and shows the landing page even if there is only one service available to choose from.
  • ?showcover=false Hides the cover art on the landing page, so the description appears at the top of the page followed by the list of service destinations. (You can obtain the same result by using a channel named “Hide Cover” in your link.)
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