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Hide artwork on landing pages

Certain Facebook video ad formats can change the way that Linkfire landing pages are displayed. It causes the landing page to load below the playing video ad, meaning that the list of music services is pushed further down the screen and not visible for users. This can cause confusion, and result in lower than normal click-through rates.

To solve this problem, you can hide the artwork portion of your landing page, to only display the list of music services below your video ad. This can be done in two ways:

1) Add the channel “Hide Cover” like in this example

To do this, go to “Board settings” and then “Channels”. Add a channel with the code “HC” and name “Hide Cover”, and select “Owned” as the type. Click “Add” and then “Update”.


Now, simply select the “Hide Cover” channel when you’re getting your links.



2) Alternatively, you can add a special URL parameter to your link. Just copy and paste “?showcover=false” to the end of your link, like in the example below.






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