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Deezer Streaming Insights


 (Not available on free subscriptions)

With Deezer Streaming Insights, you can match your marketing efforts to actual fan behavior inside the service. Available in your Linkfire Insights, this data breaks down all traffic to Deezer from your links. The top overview displays the number of streams by service. For more detailed insights, hover over a service’s name and click “View streaming breakdown.“ 


The breakdown gives you an overview of Streams, Save to Library, and Add to Playlist you can use to inform your future promotions. The Product overview shows what tracks (products) the conversion was related to and gives you knowledge about what other products/tracks have been streamed, saved, and added by visitors from your links.


How to add Deezer to your links and boards

Deezer helps music fans in over 180 countries around the world access 56 million tracks, so it’s likely some visitors to your links are subscribers.

Deezer is a default service destination, so it should be already added to your boards and links. If you have previously removed it, and would like to re-add it learn how below.

Link Level

Add Deezer as a service destination to a particular link by following the steps below.

  1. Click “edit” link
  2. Go to the “SETUP” section of your link and select “Service destinations.”
  3. Select “+ Add Service” at the top right of the screen.
  4. Type in “Deezer” and select it.
  5. Linkfire will automatically find a match on the service once you perform a rescan. To schedule a rescan, click the dropdown next to Deezer and click “Schedule Rescan.” 
  6. If you don’t get an automated match, insert the direct URL manually 



Board settings (for Biz Ess Legacy, Business and Premium clients only)

To make Deezer a permanent service across all links created on your board, you can add it directly to your "Board settings" under the “Services” section.

This way, Deezer will automatically appear on all links created within that board. To remove unwanted services from your board settings, click the ‘x’ next to the name of the service.


More Resources

Blog article on the Deezer Streaming Insights.


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