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YouTube and YouTube Music streaming insights


With YouTube and YouTube Music streaming insights, you can match your marketing efforts to actual fan behavior inside the service. Available in your Linkfire Insights, this data shows you what happens after fans click through to YouTube or YouTube Music from your smart links.

The top overview in the Streaming section displays the number of streams by service. Stream counts for YouTube and YouTube Music are reported together, so you’ll see one combined number. 

For more detailed insights, hover over YouTube/YouTube Music and click “View streaming breakdown.”


The breakdown gives you an overview of total streams, started streams (streams that lasted less than 30 seconds), and streams 30+ seconds for both YouTube and YouTube Music collectively. The Product overview shows which tracks (products) the streams were related to. You can also get a detailed picture of your worldwide fanbase under the “Countries” overview. Use it to make informed decisions on scheduling tour dates or revise the locations you’re targeting with advertising and promotions. Finally, “User-plans” shows which YouTube Music plans (Free or Premium) the fans who streamed the product is subscribing to.


How streaming data is reported

Streaming data are reported for links with YouTube/YouTube Music on the landing page and for direct-to-service links where you drive fans directly to YouTube or YouTube Music without a landing page.

The streaming data will be available in your Linkfire Insights two days later. For example, any streams you receive on a Monday will appear in your Insights around 17:00 UTC on a Wednesday.

It’s also important to note that YouTube/YouTube Music data is anonymized. A link must lead to at least 50 streams in a day for YouTube and YouTube Music streaming insights to be shown. Countries, where less than 50 streams take place per day, are grouped and shown as “Unknown countries”.

YouTube and YouTube Music are default service destinations for your landing pages, so you don’t need to do anything to add it to your boards and links. If you manually removed it and would like to re-add it, here’s how:

Adding YouTube and YouTube Music as a destination on your link

Add YouTube and YouTube Music as a service destination to a specific link by following the steps below.

  1. Hover over your link and click “edit.”
  2. Under the “SETUP” section of your link, select “Service destinations.”
  3. Select “+ Add Service” at the top-right of the screen.
  4. Type in “YouTube/YouTube Music” and select it.
  5. Click the dropdown next to YouTube and click “Schedule Rescan.” Linkfire will automatically find a match.
  6. If you don’t get an automated match, manually insert the direct URL.



Adding YouTube and YouTube Music as a default destination on your board

To make YouTube/YouTube Music a permanent service destination across all links created on your board, you can add it directly to your board settings under the “Services” section. If you don’t want it to automatically appear for every link, click the “x” next to YouTube/YouTube Music in your board settings.



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