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Why are my retargeting audiences smaller than my Linkfire traffic?

Using Linkfire’s integrations with Facebook, Google Ads, and other ad networks, you can add visitors to your Linkfire landing pages to retargeting audiences for future marketing.

However, just because your link received a certain amount of visitors, that doesn’t mean your corresponding retargeting audiences will have the same amount of reachable users. This is perfectly normal. You can read about some of the reasons for this below. Some of them specifically apply to Facebook audiences, but the same principles are applicable to all ad networks.

Repeat vs. unique visitors
Linkfire mainly reports on sessions, where the same user may visit your links several times over a day, a week, or even months. No matter how often this user visits your link(s), they can only be added to your Facebook audience once.

User doesn't consent to tracking
Linkfire takes privacy seriously and complies fully with GDPR and other regulations by asking EU users for permission to load tracking scripts. Many users decline tracking, which will decrease the percentage of visitors who are added to your Facebook audience.

Tracking blocked by ad blockers
In a survey, 40% of internet users on desktop and 15% of internet users on mobile reported using an ad blocker*. This prevents Facebook from identifying those users and including them in your audience.

Users not logged in to Facebook
Facebook identifies visitors to your Linkfire links and adds them to your audience if that user is currently logged into Facebook in the same browser. If, for example, a user clicks on your Snapchat ad and opens your Linkfire link in Snapchat's in-app browser, Facebook will not be able to identify that user.



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