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Customize The Landing Page For Your Link

There are lots of ways to customize your landing page. You can change the order of the music services, add custom descriptions, or edit the text of the CTA buttons (e.g. ‘Play’) for each service. You can also choose whether or not you want a specific music service displayed on the landing page. 

To get a preview and start customizing your landing page, hover over a link in your “Link feed” and click “Edit.” Then, in the left-hand menu, navigate to the ‘Landing page section’.


The landing page customizer gives you a preview of your landing page to the left and options to customize and change the ‘Artwork’, ‘Description’, ‘Media Sample’, and ‘Services’ to the right.


Default Territory
For Business plans that have territory management included, the landing page preview will show the Default territory, if no specific territory has been favored in your board settings. You can switch between different territories or add new ones at the top. Personal plan users will only see the Default territory landing page preview.  

The Default landing page preview shows any service that has at least one valid destination (a direct URL). The flags below each service indicate whether it will be seen in all territories (a global match), or only those specific territories where a match has been found. 

Looking at the example in the screenshot below, you’ll see that Apple Music and Spotify have the note ‘Matches everywhere’, while Pandora and Amazon Music have ‘Matches for certain territories (indicated by the flags and numbers). The latter means there are X numbers of matches found for that service (not all services are available globally). ‘Matches everywhere’ means that this service will be displayed on the landing page in all territories. This is because the service is either available globally, or a destination URL has been input into the default territory for the service.

In the example above, Apple Music and Spotify will be available on the landing page no matter which territory a visitor clicks from. Pandora, on the other hand, will only be available on landing pages visited from the US, and Amazon Music will be visible for Andorra, Argentina, American Samoa, and 53 other territories where the service is available. For a full list of territories for each service, head to the ‘Service destinations’ section and expand the drop-down for each service to see all territories. Learn more about service destinations and territories here.

When you first create a link, Linkfire automatically pulls through artwork for the landing page from scanning the metadata. It’s used for both the cover image and the blurred background image, but you can change it if you want a different artwork. 640x640 image size is recommended. 

Edit the title and description text of your landing page and customize it for different territories. See an immediate preview of the text and landing page to the left.

Media Sample
Your landing page can include a 30-second audio preview of the content you are linking to. This section lets you enable or disable a media sample by choosing one of the scanned services under “Media Sample” or “No sample”. Alternatively, you can add a Youtube video by clicking “Add media sample” and pasting in the link to your Youtube video.



Services (features in this section is reserved for Personal Pro and Business Plans users only)

Change the order of your service destinations for ‘Default’ and specific territories by dragging them up and down. Click the button field to change the text for the CTA buttons. This section is divided between “Active” and “Inactive” services. Change the status of each service with just one click. You can deactivate services you don’t want to show on your landing page by hovering over the service and click the icon “eye” to deactivate, or head to the subsection “Inactive” to activate services again. 


Looking to add more services to your link - click here to learn how. 

Copy a specific service’s position to other territories by hovering over the service and clicking “Copy service position.” Then choose which territories to copy position to from the pop-up window.



Bulk actions for services

You can also bulk de-activate and copy services position and the button text in bulk. Click the “...” from the drop-down and choose between “Copy Services” to copy the position and button text or “Manage Services” to de-activate services in bulk.


For “Copy services position” the pop-up window will show all the territories set up on your board. Select each territory you want to copy the service order to or click “select all”. Then choose whether or not you want to also copy the button text. If you don’t copy the text, we will automatically add localized default text for each service. 


For users on Personal Starter or Free plans who wish to deactivate or fully remove a service, head to the "Service Destinations" section and click the little trash can next to the service you wish to remove.



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