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How to request a new music service or retailer

Note: this feature is reserved for Personal Pro & Business Plan users.

If you are looking to direct fans to an artist's website, store, or another custom destination, you can request to get your customized service or store integrated with Linkfire. That means it will be available from the list of services when clicking “Add service” and you can have your very own logo displayed on your landing page.

Check out this example where Ariana Grande directs fans to her website at the top of her landing page


Request a new custom service integration by following these steps:

1. Service logo file:

Linkfire requires the full logo (fig. 1), that will be displayed on landing pages.

Optionally, you can also send an icon version (fig. 2).


2. Before sending a logo:

  • Make sure you send the requested service file, as a vector file: .SVG, .EPS or .AI. If you don’t have the logo in a vector format, please send a high-resolution .PNG file instead.
  • Check if the logo is recognizable in small sizes. 125x40px for the full size logo, and 40x40px for the symbol-only version.

3. Avoid sending:

  • Only the symbol, without the wordmark attached (A).
  • Logos with too many graphic styles applied. E.g. shadows and 3d effects (B).
  • Boxed logos (C).
  • Logos that can’t be put in one line.
  • White or light-colored logos do not work very well against the white background (D).
  • Small images or low-quality graphics (E).


4. Logo name:

Send us the name of your custom service, this is the name that you will use to find it in our list of services when adding a new service to your landing page.


5. Get in touch:

Please send the logo and name of your custom service to your dedicated account manager, or at if you have a Business subscription, and at if you have a Personal Pro subscription.

Once we receive the logo and it meets the above-mentioned requirements, it can take up to 3 business days to integrate the service.


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