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How to add 'TikTok Use My Sound' to links and landing pages

Encourage fans to use your music in their TikTok videos by adding TikTok Use My Sound to your links and landing pages. Fans will get direct access to the music in TikTok and can instantly use it in their own videos on the platform. 

Make sure the music you’re promoting is already available on TikTok. If it isn’t, ask your distributor to deliver the music to TikTok for this and all your other old and new releases.


Follow the step-by-step guide below and have fans creating videos with your music in TikTok in no time.


Link level

Add TikTok Use My Sound as a destination to a link in these easy steps. 

1. Create a link in Linkfire

2. Go to the “SETUP” section of your link and select “Service destinations.”

3. Select “+ Add Service” at the top right of the screen.

4. Search for “TikTok Use My Sound” and select it.TikTok_Linkfire_service.png

5. Copy the direct TikTok Sound link from TikTok. 


6. Paste in the direct TikTok Sound link for the “Use My Sound” destination.TikTok_manual_linkfire_url.png

7. Start sharing your link. When fans click on the “TikTok Use my Sound” they are routed directly to the track in TikTok and can instantly use it in their own videos on the platform.

See an example here: 


Board settings 

To make TikTok Use My Sound a permanent service across all links created on your board, you can add it directly to your "Board settings" under the “Services” section.

Click "add Service" and search for "TikTok Use My Sound". Here you can also update the action text for the button to a default text for the TikTok service, such as "use sound".


By adding it to your board settings it will automatically appear on all links created within that board. Then you just have to paste in the direct TikTok URL every time to create a new link.




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