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Automated and Manual Service Integrations

Linkfire has more than 40 automated service integrations. Every time you create a release link Linkfire’s scanner uses the source URL to search across all the services we have automated integrations for to find the same item on those services and give you a match.

In addition, we support hundreds of manual integrations and as a Premium client you can also add your own integrations such as different custom stores and web shops or request a new music service. To do so, just get in touch with your dedicated account manager and we’ll help you set it up.

In your board settings you can specify which services you would like to have as default or available in specific territories. For automated integrations, the match will automatically be added to your ‘Service destinations’ section. However, for manual integrations, you will have to copy/paste the specific URL from the respective service and then add it manually.



To give you an easy overview, we have added a list of all our automated integrations in an alphabetic order below.  

icon_7digital_onlight.png 7digital
icon_amazoninstantvideo_onlight.png Amazon CD & Vinyl
icon_amazoninstantvideo_onlight.png Amazon MP3
icon_amazonmusic_onlight.svg Amazon Music
icon_anghami_onlight.png Anghami
icon_applemusic_onlight.svg Apple Music
icon_applemusic_onlight.svg Apple Music Video
icon_beatport_onlight.png Beatport
icon_deezer_onlight.png Deezer
icon_getmusic_onlight.png getmusic
icon_googleplay_onlight.png Google Play
logo_groovemusic.svg Groove
icon_hmvjapan_onlight.svg hmvjapan
Related image iTunes
icon_jammer_onlight.svg Jammer
icon_jpc_onlight.png JPC
icon_jukemymusic_onlight.png JUKE
icon_kkbox_onlight.png KKBOX
icon_lickd_onlight.svg  Lickd
logo_linemusic.svg LINE MUSIC
icon_mediamarkt_onlight.png  Media Markt
icon_mitracks_onlight.png  mitracks
icon_mora_onlight.png Mora
icon_mus_onlight.svg MUS
musicmatch.png Musicmatch
napster.png Napster
pandora_2016_logo_P.png Pandora
icon_prestoclassical_onlight.png  Presto Classical
icon_rakuten_onlight.svg  Rakuten
recochoku.jpg  RECOCHOKU
icon_saturn_onlight.png SATURN
icon_soundcloud_onlight.png  SoundCloud
icon_spotify_onlight.png  Spotify
icon_telmore_onlight.png  TELMORE Music
tidal2.png  Tidal
icon_towerrecords_onlight.png Tower Records
icon_traxsource_onlight.svg  Traxsource
logo_tsutaya.svg  Tsutaya Online
logo_yamano.svg  Yamano Music
logo_youmusic.svg  YouSee Musik
icon_zonga_onlight.png  Zonga















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