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How to add a music store or a service destination?

Link level

You can choose to add music stores or service destination to a particular link if we already have the service integrated. Here’s how:

1. Go to the “SETUP” section of your link and select “Service destinations.”

2. Select “+ Add Service” at the top right of the screen.


3. Type in the service destination you’re looking to add and select it.

4. If the service is an automated integration, Linkfire will automatically find a match on the service once you perform a rescan. To rescan, click on the name of the service and then select “Schedule Rescan.” See a list of our automated integrations here. For personal plans without the rescan feature, head back to “General” after adding the service you wish to include on your landing page, and click “Rescan Now” here.

5. If the service is not an automated integration, you'll need to add the direct URL manually.


Board settings 

To make a specific service permanent across all links created on your board, you can add it directly to your "Board settings" under the “Services” section.

This way your selected store or service will automatically appear on all links created within that board. You can also remove unwanted services from your board settings by clicking ‘x’ next to the name of the service.


If the music service you’re looking to add is not available, Pro and Business plan users can request to add a new service or retailer. Just reach out to your dedicated account manager who will help you set it up.

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