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Copy a valid URL for link creation

To create a release or playlist link, you need to use a valid music URL when prompted to insert your link.


This link is typically a link to a track or album on a music service. We recommend using links from Apple Music, Spotify, or Pandora as these usually result in the best scan results. To see how to fetch a valid URL for these services, check out the screenshots below.

Spotify album and song link logo_spotify.svg



Apple Music album and song link logo_applemusic.svg



Pandora album and song link logo_pandora.svg


Once you’ve copied your correct music URL, simply paste it in the blue box when creating a link. We’ll then extract its unique ID, and scan all other music services in our database for matches—you’ll see the results in ‘Service destinations’. This is how a Linkfire link is created from inputting just one original URL.

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