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Creating a Linkfire Link

Your work inside Linkfire revolves around a link. Whether you’re creating a landing page for your latest album or a quick link so you can track clicks to a recent press release, you will do so by creating a Linkfire link.

To create a new link, just hit the big green “Create link” button in the upper right-hand corner when logged into Linkfire.


Start off by choosing the type of link type you want to create. This will depend on what you’ll be using your link for - choose from five different link types being ‘Release’, 'Pre-release', ‘Playlist’, ‘Tickets’ or ‘Content’.


Next, paste in a link to what you are creating a campaign for. If you’re creating a Release link for an album or a track, you can also paste in a UPC or ISRC, respectively.


Linkfire automatically scan your URL or code and show you the results on the next page. These may include an image, title and the artist behind your album or track.

Depending on the URL you created your link with, Linkfire will automatically create one of the following types of links:

Release Link
A link to a track or album. A link of this type will have a beautiful landing page and typically offer your fans to go to your content on different services.

To create this type of link, use a valid music URL as your source URL. We recommend using links to Spotify or iTunes for best results.

Note: You can also create podcast links via the Release link, learn how.

Pre-release Link (Premium feature)

Create a link and landing page before your release is available with a pre-release link. This is a great way to drive engagement, gain new followers and increase streams, while building momentum prior to an upcoming release.

Playlist Link
This is similar to a music link, and it also features the familiar landing page. However, as playlists are managed slightly differently across services, these links look slightly different when you create them.

To create this type of link, use a URL to a playlist on Spotify or Deezer as your source URL.

Ticket Links
Promote tickets for a single concert or a full tour and track conversions for Ticketmaster purchases in UK and US via our partnership with Ticketmaster. You can use links from any service, currently Ticketmaster is just the only provider we have a conversion data partnership with.

Content Link
If you use a non-music link as your source URL, Linkfire will create a content link. This type of link has no landing page, but you can still customize the behavior of the link in different ways and collect detailed insights. Content links are typically used to link to events, articles about your newest releases or other destinations that are not actually music.

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