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Creating Pre-release Links

Note: this feature is reserved for Business Plans users

Linkfire is built to empower you to promote your music, but marketing a new track or album can begin long before it’s available to your fans. Pre-release links are a great way to drive engagement, gain new followers and increase streams, while building momentum prior to an upcoming release.


With Linkfire’s pre-release capabilities, you can create a link from which fans can select to automatically add an upcoming track or album to their Spotify library the moment it goes live! Plus, you can add them to your email list, and keep them updated about new music releases, upcoming tour dates, and much more! Read more about how to set up a pre-release link in the following sections.

1. Setup your pre-release link
2. Edit your pre-release link
3. Add other services to your landing page
4. Customize pre-release landing page and social cards
5. Export Fan data
6. What happens on release date?

1. Setup your pre-release link 
To set up a pre-release link start by clicking on the “Create Link” button and choosing the link type “Pre-release”.


Then click “Continue” and you will be directed to a section where you can add more details about the upcoming release.


Start by giving your pre-release campaign a descriptive working title (NOTE: This will only be seen inside the Linkfire platform and will not be visible to fans). Fill out the artist name and other tags to easily and quickly filter on keywords later on.

Customize the pre-release link by adding a domain from your drop down menu and add a new short code.

When you’re done, click “Create Draft” and you will be redirected to the edit page to set up your finalized pre-release link.


2. Edit your pre-release link

Start by choosing which pre-release services to activate during the pre-release period. We currently offer Spotify and Facebook Messenger.


You may not have the Spotify URL when first setting up a pre-release link, but that’s not a problem. Just be sure to activate the Spotify pre-save and add it prior to release date, so that the content is added to the user’s library. To do this, go to the ‘General’ section, where you can enter a source link and add a time/date for when the album or track is scheduled to go live. This will allow the pre-release link to be rescanned at the right time. After this takes place, the call-to-action button on the landing page will change from ‘Pre-Save’ to ‘Play’. However, you can further customize it to fit your needs.

Choose which sections should be scanned and updated on the release date. You can do this by clicking the  “Scan settings” icon and de-selecting the sections you do not want to scan once the release is live.


Notify on Messenger
Activate ‘Notify on Messenger’ if you wish to connect fans to your messenger service and announce when the release is out via a message on Facebook. To use this feature you need a third party Messenger notification service like Sendmate to provide you with a link to add in the destination box. Stay updated on Facebook’s policies for Subscription Messaging here.


3. Add other services to your landing page
Your release will likely also be available for pre-order and pre-release on other platforms. To add other services, such as Apple Music, to your pre-release landing page, go to “Service destinations” and manually add each service by clicking the blue “+ add service” icon and type in the name of the service (e.g. “Pre-add on Apple Music”). Then manually paste in the link for the pre-add/pre-order and the service will be added to the landing page, along with the Spotify pre-save. For Apple Music pre-adds and iTunes pre-orders, we recommend using their geo-link option. This can be found here: 


4. Customize pre-release landing page and social cards
You can customize the landing page and social cards shown when sharing the link on Facebook and Twitter. Please refer to the article on how to customize the landing page for a release link for more information.


Once you’re happy with your landing page setup, click the green “Publish” button in the top right corner. Now you’re ready to “Get” your link and start sharing it. To get accurate and detailed insights on where your fans are finding your links, we recommend using channels when sharing your links. Read more about Linkfire’s Channels feature here.


5. Export fans 
After your pre-release link has been shared you can export the user data collected when fans authorize the Spotify pre-save and use this data to reach out to them with information about the upcoming release, merchandise, contests, special offers, etc. The data you get from this export is: name, email, country, Spotify account type and timestamp for the authorization.

Consider rewarding fans who add the pre-save via giveaways, private tracks, private greetings, etc.



6. What happens on release date?

On the day of your release, the input source URL will be scanned at the time specified when you first created the link. Any services for which matches are found will be added to the landing page. If there’s a match on Spotify, the call-to-action text will change from “Pre-Save” to "Play".

When the release is live, the pre-saved track or album will automatically be added to the user’s Spotify library, helping boost first day and all time streams. Additionally, the user will begin following the artist.

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