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Check Music Services and Landing Page Preview

Whenever fans click on a release link that you’ve created, they're taken to a landing page, where they can choose from a list of music services. 

When setting up your link you can see and edit all the music services that have been matched to your release in the section “Service Destinations”. Some services will show a gray check mark and others a green. The gray check mark means that service is a multi-store, so it has different stores for different territories (e.g. Apple Music in the US is different from Apple Music in Denmark). Services with the green check mark have one store for all territories (this is true of Spotify and Deezer for example). 

To check which territories have been matched to your release in multi-store services, click the drop-down to the right of the gray check mark. You’ll then see a green check mark along with the number of territories matched. To see these matched territories individually, hover over the number and click “View All”.


If a territory has been matched with less than 95% accuracy, it will show a yellow "Review" and exclamation point. Click "Review" to choose from a number of options, including manually inputting a URL yourself, or excluding that territory. 

Missing a music service on your list? Learn how to add other music services to your list.

Landing page preview

The preview of your landing page shows the territory “Default”, which will only show matched single store services. That’s why you might only see Spotify and Deezer displayed here, even though your release has been matched to multi-store services like Apple Music. 

To see how your landing page will look for fans in different territories, there are a number of options: 

  • Check out all your matches in “Service destinations”
  • Get a visual preview by copying your link to your search bar and add /lang/ISO code (e.g. Countries’ ISO codes can be found here
  • Business plans only. Go to “Landing page” and add a different territory.
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